Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Daniel's concoction of a costume

Then he decided not to take the Captain America shield.

Daniel and his loot!
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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Noah tries to get into the garbage.

He's got a thing going on with his tongue.

Daniel showing off his muscles.

I got my hair cut and the lady did styled me all fancy.  Ben loved it so now I own a new curling iron and have had a couple attempts.

Jedera - one of "my" young women.

Daniel having fun at "play date."

Daniel took this picture of Noah.

Daniel took this picture and wanted me to post it because his super-hero coloring book is "very cool."
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Monday, September 17, 2012

Random Family Adventures

Their fort.

Here's Noah's room.  I figured it's more fun to have a picture of him in it :)  That is Daniel and Noah's baby blessing outfit given by Ben's grandma Kauer.

Cutest boy ever (other than Daniel of course).

He was laughing but he looks angry here.

Daniel - my handsome boy who isn't a baby any more...

They love each other.

Feeding the ducks at Riverfront Park.

Noah haning in the stroller.

He's not so sure about the ducks - even though we did this just a couple weeks ago.
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Ward Camp-out

Daniel Kauer and Daniel Cowley

Noah having fun

Daniel had fun driving this car around

He got to take a ride in the boat.  Danile loves his super-hero life jacket!
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Monday, August 6, 2012

Random Pics

For family prayer time this is how Daniel insisted on praying.  I just had to get a pic.

Yes I did tell Daniel not to sit on Noah anymore, but the camera was handy so I grabbed a snap.

Making pizza. (don't pay attention to the messy counters. lol)

They love each other!

Cute Noah
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Fun With the Camera

I was done changing Noah's diapper and he was so cute I had to take pictures.

Cute chub.

Daniel wanted in on the fun.

Serious face - he looks like a model.

Daniel took this one of himself

Noah's big smile :)
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